Oscar Wylee eyes Canadian debut and serious growth

August 20, 2021

Australia-based eyewear company Oscar Wylee has its sights set on Canada, with two inaugural locations under construction and aggressive expansion ahead.
This family-run business has grown from a small ecommerce operation into an international organization. Brothers Jack and Bob Teoh took over the business, opening the first stores in 2015 and today there are more than 90 locations across Australia, Singapore and New Zealand. 
Oscar Wylee is preparing to open its first stores in Canada at West Edmonton Mall and construction is underway on its new site at Halifax Shopping Centre. Its stores are a reflection of the brand itself—welcoming and beautifully designed, with a modern edge. 
The company has also reached an agreement to open four more locations in November in Calgary and Toronto. Details to be announced shortly. 
Through its joint-venture program, the company also grows by partnering with optometrists to offer patients the full package—quality professional eye care, as well as an unparalleled retail experience.  The brand—modern, fresh and fashion-focused—is known for its “2 Pairs From $199” price point across its optical and sunglass range. 
Research shows eye care is a flourishing market in Canada, as consumers desire choice and experiential shopping: People don’t want to be tied down to the same glasses for years on end, they want glasses that reflect their mood, their outfit and there’s a desire, especially among younger demographics, to shake things up with a variety of looks and glasses that reflect their personality. 
Oscar Wylee is positioned to capture this momentum. 
Through its branded signature frames and sunglasses, the company offers consumers items they can’t get elsewhere. Oscar Wylee has a strong fan base made up of people drawn to their quality collection, which combine on-trend design with state-of-the-art materials. 
Think Retail is excited to work with the experience Oscar Wylee team to establish and build their presence across Canada. In addition to the new stores, the company is aggressively targeting Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec. Ideal spaces are 700 to 1,000 sq. ft. in shopping malls and along busy high streets in proximity to noteworthy fashion or general merchandise retailers. Its award-winning stores are designed with patient care top of mind, offering a clean, modern aesthetic for a relaxing experience. 
This is a stellar tenant with a strong global brand presence and expansion experience. For more about this innovative brand and its Canadian growth plans, contact the Think Retail team.