Farrow & Ball seeks new site for Toronto showroom

June 13, 2016

Think Retail is delighted to partner with JLL Real Estate to assist with Farrow & Ball’s Toronto real estate requirements.
It’s always a pleasure to work on a brand that inspires such devotion. Farrow & Ball is lauded the world over for its edited palette of 132 paints and hand-crafted artisanal wallpapers.
The offering is one of visual delight, but also Farrow & Ball stands apart in terms of quality. 
Founded in 1946 by John Farrow & Richard Ball in England, the company makes its own crafted paint and paper at its factory in Wimborne, Dorset. Its production is never outsourced, which means the company can maintain the highest of standards (in 2010 Farrow & Ball made the bold decision to move its entire range of paints away from oil based to water based finishes with low or minimal VOC content). Its success is reflected in group sales figures that have close to tripled in the last decade to more than $90 million a year. 
Farrow & Ball has an exclusive collection of showrooms around the globe—28 in the UK, 11 in Europe, 11 in the US, and one here in Canada.
The space at 1054 Yonge—between Bloor and St. Clair—is a design mecca, where people go for inspiration and to peruse the entire collection of richly pigmented paint colours (while reveling in their quirky names) and wallpaper designs. This is not a store; it’s a place that inspires loyalty and passion among those who love this brand for its unique depth of colour, exacting quality and authentic craftsmanship. On site, customers can experiment with colour, texture and finish, while availing of the expertise of the showroom team. 
Nestled amongst the opulent residences of Summerhill and Rosedale, Farrow & Ball is well-positioned to attract a consumer demographic that spans affluent urban professionals, young cosmopolitans, and design-savvy individuals who are passionate about their homes and willing to invest in premium products.
Farrow & Ball opened the Toronto showroom in 1999—its first overseas location—and now seeks to relocate and potentially open a second store in the market. 
The areas of interest encompass Rosedale (in the same area as the current store), as well as new opportunities in both the King Street East and Castlefield Design District. The optimal size is 1,000 to 1,500 sq. ft.
For more about this pioneering company, and the Farrow & Ball real estate needs, visit or contact the Think Retail Team.