Copper Branch takes plant food mainstream with downtown Toronto location

December 15, 2016

We are excited to announce that Copper Branch has signed a deal to open its first restaurant in Toronto, part of the "Plant Based, Power Food" eatery’s substantial national expansion program.
The 675 sq. ft. restaurant will open at Commerce Court in the heart of the city’s financial district in early May. It’s an ideal location to introduce to the Downtown core this original Plant Based, Power Food restaurant concept, which stands apart for its fresh and nourishing approach to the QSR experience.
Commerce Court is a marque destination with a completely revitalized food court seating area, which opens December 19. After months of renovations, the space features lighting installations, new furniture and seating configuration, along with bright finishes. It’s an impressive area and an integral part of the complex.
At Think Retail, we were thrilled to partner with Copper Branch in the fall to help facilitate expansion across the country. We believe Copper Branch’s nourishing gourmet power foods will be the perfect fit for the city’s downtown health conscience office and retail community.
And, this is just the first step in an extraordinary national expansion program that is to include the securing and or opening of 40 additional locations over the next 24 months.
Established in Montreal in 2014, Copper Branch is a fast growing company with a clear mandate—to be the undisputed leader in healthy fast-casual foods.
It’s the brainchild of Rio Infantino, who after owning several fast food franchises over a period of 25 years, set out to redefine fast food with nutritious options for a healthier lifestyle.
Designed to make people feel good about the food they eat, Copper Branch features a tantalizing 100% plant based, power food menu, "Naturally" positioned to engage a wide health minded audience. This isn’t about servicing only a select Vegan community, but everyone looking for clean, healthy meal options.
It's slogan, Join the Food Revolution—invites a wide demographic to the table, as the concept takes plant-based foods to the mainstream market.
From power bowls to an array of tantalizing burgers, sandwiches, smoothies, soups and sides, the menu is designed to draw people in, for breakfast, lunch, dinner, a health boost at any time of the day including guilt free desserts.  
The goal is simple—serve the world real food as fast food for a change.
The key here is fast. While the concept taps into the trend towards prioritizing local, organic ingredients and slow cooking (never frying) Copper Branch caters to time-strapped consumers.
It’s a concept whose time has come and generating lots of buzz. In just two years, Copper Branch has already opened nine locations—eight in Quebec and one in Brooklin, Ontario—and is poised for further growth, with the initial focus on spreading across Quebec and Ontario as well as opening Flagship locations in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and the Maritimes.
This is an ideal tenant with a lot of flexibility, as seeks a variety of sizes (from 300 to 1,600 sq. ft.) and will consider everything from multi-use office towers to super regional malls and high streets.
From a branding perspective, the company has done everything right. Their marketing materials, stores and menus are beautifully designed, highlighting the company’s values and attention to detail. Copper Branch has a clear vision and a loyal following.
Think Retail is excited to work with this unique concept as it expands from a strong foundation built on improving people and the planets health and well being. For more about Copper Branch visit or contact the Think Retail Team.