Copper Branch has a healthy appetite for Canadian expansion

September 15, 2016

Think Retail is thrilled to partner with Copper Branch, the ’Power Food, Plant-Based’ restaurant concept that is putting a fresh (and nourishing) spin on the QSR experience.
Established in Montreal in 2014, Copper Branch is a fast growing company with a clear mandate—to be the undisputed leader in healthy fast-casual foods.
Its slogan—You Are More Vegan Than You Think!—invites a wide demographic to the table, as the concept takes plant-based foods to the mainstream market.
As part of it strategy to engage and excite a wide audience, Copper Branch’s 100% plant-based menu is tantalizing and ever evolving, From Collard Green Wraps to Shitake Teriyaki Burgers, Power Bowls and even Vegan Poutine, visitors can expect more than tofu fare.
What makes Copper Branch a growing success is its ability to tap in to a clear shift in people’s eating habits and desire for clean healthy meals. As consumers become more health-conscious, they are zeroing on studies that highlight the negative links between meat, typical fast food, GMOs, and disease.
Copper Branch was founded to give people access to foods that will empower, energize and help them feel their best. The goal is simple—serve the world real food as fast food for a change.
While prioritizing local, organic ingredients, Copper Branch draws its inspiration from a wide variety of regional cuisine, bringing comfort food and slow cooking to the table, with an important twist—fast service for time-strapped consumers.
With tremendous work being done in brand development, store design, food preparation, and social media, Copper Branch is poised for global acceptance and aggressive growth.
Already the concept has nine locations—eight in the Province of Quebec and one in Ontario. Each is beautifully designed and on-brand, right down to the smallest of details. Copper Branch is an ideal tenant with a clear vision and a growing customer base.
The company expects to open 10 to 15 restaurants in the next 12 months and a further 20 to 30 in 2018. Aspirations are national, with an initial focus on British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec.
This is a marquee tenant with a lot of flexibility, as seeks a variety of sizes (from 300 to 1,600 sq. ft.) and will consider multi-use office towers and super regional malls.
Think Retail is excited to work Copper Branch on the next stage of its extraordinary expansion in Canada. For more about the brand and why you want it as your next tenant, visit or contact the Think Retail Team.