Copper Branch

Fast Food

Size: 300-1600 sq.ft
Property Type: Super regional malls, High Streets, Power Centres, Outlet Centres
Territory: Canada
Use Clause: The Tenant shall use the whole of the Premises, continuously and actively, principally for the retail sale of 100% plant based food items for immediate consumption, prepared to order or from grab and go fridges, take home, delivery and catering from an all-day menu comprised, but not limited to power bowls, vegan burgers, salads, sandwiches, wraps, chili, soups, baked fries, smoothies, juices and other assorted cold beverages and ancillary items such as vegan only desserts, hot teas and specialty coffees mixed only with non-dairy options. When appropriate the option to serve on premises organic wine and beer. “All of the foregoing shall be consistent with items sold or found in all other Copper Branch locations across Canada.”