International Currency Exchange opens 15 locations at Toronto Pearson Airport

October 31, 2016

We are thrilled to share that one of our long-time clients—International Currency Exchange (ICE)—has won a major RFP and, as a result, opened 15 new locations at Toronto Pearson International Airport. It’s a major coup for ICE, one of the most established and respected retail currency exchange brands in the world.
With this latest win, ICE operates 76 branches in Canada. At Think Retail, we have worked with ICE since 2008, navigating its expansion coast to coast, in shopping centres, retail hubs throughout Canada.
Founded in the UK in 1973, ICE now has more than 360 locations in 20 countries and it’s an organization with an exciting future.
As you may recall, in April, Chinese conglomerate HNA Group acquired ICE as part of a strategic effort to expand outside of Asia. Founded in 1993, privately-owned HNA is a major conglomerate with several core divisions, including aviation, real estate, capital, tourism, hospitality, technology and logistics: ICE is as a valued part of HNA Tourism, which specializes in air travel, hospitality management, tourism, finance, investment and e-commerce.
As a result, the ICE brand is stronger than ever, with so much potential for further growth, both around the globe and here in Canada.
The company already has a solid reputation for offering an extensive range of major and exotic currencies that cater to Canada’s diverse and well-travelled population.
On the retail front, ICE is recognized for its award-winning and innovative branch designs, plus its popular Click & Collect service, whereby individuals or their travel agents can place currency orders by phone or online, to be picked up at the retail location of the customer’s choice.
In addition to currency conversion, services include, currency wires, money drafts, all kinds of cheques, money orders, travelers cheques and travelers GST returns. As well, some stores facilitate the sale of gold bullions, souvenir coins, Olympic coins and travelers insurance, while operating ATM bank machines.
Stay tuned, as ICE is preparing to announce further expansion plans in Canada.
At Think Retail, we are honoured to work with ICE on the next stage of its development. For more, visit or contact the Think Retail Team    

Adore Cosmetics opens two new luxury boutiques

October 14, 2016

Adore Cosmetics is spreading the love to top shopping centres across the country, as the company celebrates new boutiques in British Columbia’s Tsawwassen Mills and Oshawa Centre in Ontario.
Both centres are a fantastic fit for the coveted Adore retail brand and the Think Retail team is thrilled to work with Miami-based parent company UHI Cosmetics to build Adore’s presence across Canada.
The 1,000 sq. ft. boutique at Tsawwassen Mills is guaranteed to be a crowd magnet. The store opened October 5 as part of the outlet centre’s exciting and much-anticipated Grand Opening, which drew massive crowds, eager for the opportunity to shop more than 180 marque retail brands. Ivanhoe Cambridge invested about $600 million in this unique project, build on Tsawwassen First Nations land, and the resulting 1.2 million sq. ft. project redefines the outlet experience.
Adore’s 1,200 sq. ft. boutique at the Oshawa Centre debuted the same week, alongside the big reveal of the mall’s $230 million expansion and redevelopment project. The Oshawa Centre, also owned by Ivanhoe Cambridge, is now a true destination and home to more than 250 of high profile tenants.
In addition to these latest boutiques, Adore opened at Ottawa’s revitalized CF Rideau Centre in August. The 850 sq. ft. store is ideally located in the centre’s new expansion area, which is home to an exciting array of complementary top-tier retailers.
This is an extraordinary time for the Adore brand, which continues to generate excitement as it establishes itself worldwide as a skincare brand that’s worth the investment.
Launched in 2011, Adore’s Miami-based parent company UHI Cosmetics is now one of the world’s leading manufacturers of luxury innovative skincare products. It has earned rave reviews and a loyal following for its use of creative technology and high-end ingredients to create organic products with anti-aging Plant Stem Cell Technology.
Today, Adore has more than 50 boutiques around the globe, where in-store aestheticians are on hand to cultivate an immersive demonstration experience that showcases more than 60 must-have products in a tranquil and inspiring space. The brand delivers repeat foot-traffic and one of the highest industry averages of sales per square foot. Adore is the ultimate luxury co-tenant.
The company is aggressively expanding throughout North America., as well as Mexico, U.S. Virgin Island, Caribbean, the UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.
In Canada, Adore now has nine stores—including, Fairview Pointe Claire (Quebec); Tanger Cookstown, Pickering Town Centre and Canada Pen Centre (Ontario); Southland Mall (Saskatchewan); and downtown Vancouver—and plans to open 10 to 15 more in the next five years. The immediate focus is on opportunities in Toronto and Calgary—ideally 600 to 1,000 sq. ft. in super regional malls.
For more about UHI Cosmetics and its luxury Adore retail concept, visit or contact the Think Retail Team.

Lolë pops up at the new Tsawwassen Mills

October 12, 2016

Top landlords are embracing Lolë’s innovative pop-up concept and we are delighted to announce the activewear retailer’s latest location, at the much-anticipated Tsawwassen Mills in British Columbia.
The 1,500 sq. ft. store debuted October 5 as part of the outlet centre’s Grand Opening, where thousands of people lined up for hours to be the first through the doors.  Lolë is right at home among the more than 180 marque retail brands at the 1.2 million sq. ft. outlet, which features 16 anchor stores, including a Saks Off 5th.
This is such an exciting outlet concept for the province of B.C. and the success of opening weekend proves there is huge demand for quality retail in the area. Ivanhoe Cambridge invested about $600 million in this unique project build on Tsawwassen First Nations.
This latest store is part of Lolë’s strategic vision for 2106—to open a series of pop-up shops to elevate brand awareness and test markets of interest.
Once again, Lolë is proving itself to be a company that is not afraid to do things differently. Conceived in Montreal’s Longueuil area in 2002, Lolë is now part of Quebec-based Coalision Inc., which boasts an impressive team with offices around the globe.
At Think Retail we are thrilled to work with this successful Canadian company, which has taken the world by storm with its apparel collections, as well as a fresh approach to retail and branding.
Today Lolë has more than 30 flagship stand-alone locations in Canada, as well as stores in major cities around the world. Its apparel is sold in 210 “shop-in-shops” and available at more than 1,600 retail outlets worldwide.
It announced the pop-up idea in January and by April Lolë unveiled the first two locations—Uptown in Victoria and Orchard Park Shopping Centre in Kelowna, B.C. This summer another opened at the newly renovated Rideau Centre in the heart of downtown Ottawa.
Lolë continues to seek pop-up opportunities across the country (except in the Province of Quebec). While the scope is national, Lolë is particularly interested in 1,250 to 1,500 sq. ft. in well-positioned high street spaces and regional malls in Ontario and British Columbia.
For more about this Canadian lifestyle brand and its pop-up plans, contact the Think Retail Team.

Copper Branch has a healthy appetite for Canadian expansion

September 15, 2016

Think Retail is thrilled to partner with Copper Branch, the ’Power Food, Plant-Based’ restaurant concept that is putting a fresh (and nourishing) spin on the QSR experience.
Established in Montreal in 2014, Copper Branch is a fast growing company with a clear mandate—to be the undisputed leader in healthy fast-casual foods.
Its slogan—You Are More Vegan Than You Think!—invites a wide demographic to the table, as the concept takes plant-based foods to the mainstream market.
As part of it strategy to engage and excite a wide audience, Copper Branch’s 100% plant-based menu is tantalizing and ever evolving, From Collard Green Wraps to Shitake Teriyaki Burgers, Power Bowls and even Vegan Poutine, visitors can expect more than tofu fare.
What makes Copper Branch a growing success is its ability to tap in to a clear shift in people’s eating habits and desire for clean healthy meals. As consumers become more health-conscious, they are zeroing on studies that highlight the negative links between meat, typical fast food, GMOs, and disease.
Copper Branch was founded to give people access to foods that will empower, energize and help them feel their best. The goal is simple—serve the world real food as fast food for a change.
While prioritizing local, organic ingredients, Copper Branch draws its inspiration from a wide variety of regional cuisine, bringing comfort food and slow cooking to the table, with an important twist—fast service for time-strapped consumers.
With tremendous work being done in brand development, store design, food preparation, and social media, Copper Branch is poised for global acceptance and aggressive growth.
Already the concept has nine locations—eight in the Province of Quebec and one in Ontario. Each is beautifully designed and on-brand, right down to the smallest of details. Copper Branch is an ideal tenant with a clear vision and a growing customer base.
The company expects to open 10 to 15 restaurants in the next 12 months and a further 20 to 30 in 2018. Aspirations are national, with an initial focus on British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec.
This is a marquee tenant with a lot of flexibility, as seeks a variety of sizes (from 300 to 1,600 sq. ft.) and will consider multi-use office towers and super regional malls.
Think Retail is excited to work Copper Branch on the next stage of its extraordinary expansion in Canada. For more about the brand and why you want it as your next tenant, visit or contact the Think Retail Team.

Park Royal welcomes Change of Scandinavia

August 26, 2016

Leading lingerie retail brand Change of Scandinavia is celebrating the opening of its fresh space in the new wing of Park Royal South, one of Metro Vancouver’s most prominent and innovative retail destinations.
Located in beautiful West Vancouver, Park Royal is a community where people can shop, eat and play. The project is evolving in several phases and Change’s new 600 sq. ft. store is well-situated in the main level of Park Royal South, where interior improvements are now complete.
Change of Scandinavia is growing not only here in Canada, but around the globe. The company launched in Denmark 1995, first as a private label brand before opening its first stand-alone retail store in Copenhagen in 2001. The popular concept soon grew across Europe, and then into Asia and North America—today it has more than 200 corporate and franchise stores.
Change debuted in Canada in 2006 and now has 15 locations—five stores in British Columbia, one in Saskatchewan, five in Ontario and four in Quebec.
It’s been a year since Think Retail partnered with Change to propel growth across the country and what an exciting year it’s been. In addition to the new Park Royal space, Change this spring unveiled its 1,200 sq. ft. flagship in downtown Montreal at the trendy Place Montreal Trust. And, we’ll soon be announcing details of another store slated to open at one of Quebec’s top super regional malls—stay tuned.
Overall sales in Canada are up an impressive 20% in the last 12 months and the company’s same store sales have increased for 18 consecutive months—they are truly resonating with the Canadian consumer!
Of course, Change is the ideal tenant. It’s a fresh and exciting brand with beautifully designed boutiques that play on black and white for an intimate upscale feel.
Research shows the brand appeals to a wide spectrum of women because of its vast selection in more than 100 different sizes (up to K cup) in 10 different models, offering a perfect fit for all shapes and sizes. Its stores are a destination spaces that attract a demographic comprised of a variety of age groups, who shop for lingerie several times a year, tapping in to the Club Change loyalty program because of a generous bonus scheme.
While about 75% of revenue is derived from the sale of underwear and bras, the company is diversifying with a selection of loungewear, swimwear, nightwear, stockings and a men’s underwear collection.
We are thrilled to work with Change as it looks to open several new stores in 2017. The focus is on securing spaces of 500 to 1,000 sq. ft. in super regional malls in Montreal and Toronto.For more about the brand and its growth plans in Canada, visit or contact the Think Retail Team.

Le Creuset unveils plans for Montreal flagship

August 17, 2016

Le Creuset is prepping to add its signature colourful sophistication to the Montreal retail scene, as it realizes its dream to open a flagship high street location in the equally colourful and sophisticated city.

The 800 sq. ft. store will open at 2121 Crescent Street late September. After searching for the ideal space for Le Creuset’s Montreal flagship, Think Retail is thrilled to have brokered this exciting deal for the marquee cookware company.

This will mark Le Creuset’s third high street location in Canada. It opened a 2,000 sq. ft. store at 2997 South Granville in Vancouver in June (its first store in British Columbia) and, in 2015, at 577 Sussex Drive in Ottawa.

Montreal will mark Le Creuset’s 10th store in Canada and the company continues to target select markets, including Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal—ideal spaces are 750 to 1,250 sq. ft. along high streets and in super regional malls.

Founded in Northern France in 1925, the Le Creuset brand is a hit with Canadian consumers, who love the traditional quality Enameled Cast Iron cookware for its functionality and fresh playful aesthetics: It’s No. 1 bridal registry brand and consistently the No. 1 or No. 2 cookware supplier to its trading partners.

While products are distributed in more than 30 countries via Le Creuset’s partnerships with specialty retailers and high-end department stores, the company has also worked to build a solid network of more than 250 of its name-brand stores in 25 countries.

These modern stylized retail spaces carry an enhanced selection of Le Creuset products that aren’t available anywhere else, making its stores a unique destination that attract an upscale demographic with great taste.

In the past 18 months, Le Creuset has more than doubled its footprint in Canada and celebrated several market debuts. At Think Retail, we are thrilled to work with this iconic brand as it expands across the country. For more, visit or contact the Think Retail Team.